Sunday, June 21, 2015

Judgmental overtone of how 'SOME' Malaysians act

I live in my own cocoon. But once in a while I fall into the social trap and starts to pay attention to what everyone around me is talking about.

Like how some holier than thou Malay Muslims 'disapproved' of a national gymnast's outfit for showing 'the shape of the woman's genitals.'

I am not going to say vagina because it's anatomically incorrect. I believe that the real name for it was 'Vulva'.

It's the little minds that discusses little shit things like this that I am annoyed... nay... irritated with.

I think it's more of the double standardization of men and women in the eyes of the 'religious freaks' that matters in Malaysia.

Which is kind of sad.

On the international front, all 'real Muslims' come forth in defense of the gold medalist, the Malay Muslims refused to back down.

There is nothing heavenly about that behavior.

I shudder to think how their hell would be like.

But then again, I am not supposed to judge.


Monday, May 11, 2015

Hello World!

Yes, I have been absent.

Yes, I have been quiet.

Yes, life had been kind.

Yes, I am still fighting on to live.

Yes, Life can be a bitch.

No... I am not giving up on it yet.

Namaste... and live life.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Be what you want, be what you feel

It's a sign when everything was crazy, but you went on with the craziness that it embodies, not because you have to, but because you want to. 

And despite all the craziness, you love every single minute of the unpredictable insanity it brings. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

When we let go, things fall into place

A few months ago, I let go of every single control I have on my insignificant life, and give the Universe the wheel.

I am happy I did that. because I would never know I would be able to do so. I let go of my inhibitions and I made some lifestyle changes.

Less caffeine, less sugar, less complaining, less whining.

More gratitude and more hope. More planning, more thinking and more positive affirmations.


I moved a few weeks ago, and it is probably the best thing I have done. I am away from the negative vibe of last year, and all ready to face a new life with new challenges.


Let's do the camel everyone. Namaste.


And with that... this is me now, happier and healthier.

Saturday, March 7, 2015


It's a dance. 

All the plumage, the labeled front, the cheap crystals, the masks of make up. 

It's a dance. 

All the cash flashing, the smart collared shirts and the leather shoes. 

It's a dance. 

All that evolution. And it's all for this. 

It's for this dance. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Relationship? Moi?

I sometimes look at couples longingly, more often than not, I will casually remark to my best friend on how nice it would be to have a boyfriend, someone who would adore me, insisting on taking pictures of me (of my face that is), and noticing every single freckle, wrinkle and crease on my face.

The thing is, I had that. And the thing was, I ran.

See, it's been more than 15 years since my real relationship. When I met Trey, I was young, brash and kind of stupid. When he proposed to me before he went off to UK, I was 20, and so, I bailed. I wasn't ready for a marriage at that time. I was in love with him, we broke it off after trying long distance for a year. I felt it was unfair for him more than it was unfair for me. We stayed in touch before he finally got hitched to another woman, of the same name, and who celebrates the same birthday as mine.

After Trey, there had been no one.

In 2012, about two weeks after Tom died, I met a Dutch guy, who was decent and, well, caring. He cared about me in a way I cannot accept, because, well, I wasn't really feeling it. And he was emotional, too emotional, as a matter of fact. It was annoying me. When it becomes annoying, it is best for it to end.

So, not wanting to lead him on, I cut all contact with him. I even refused to reply his emails. I didn't even want to be friends with him anymore.

Which is a great thing really, because he ends up with another woman, and I end up with a guy who cooks for me, take my pictures for fun and was one of the few people who helped me out during my crap year in 2014. But, it is a casual relationship, with no promise of anything.

And, strangely, I prefer that. No promise, no pain.  No heartache.

I deduced that, while it is great to have a relationship, it might not be the 'thing' for me. Because, I know I will only run from it. There will never be another Trey in my life. And, yeah, it is ok for now. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Go with the flow

Things change according to the circumstances you are in.

Take my current  situation for an example. I am unemployed and have limited wage choices. I have money out, but meagre money in. I made adjustments, telling credit card companies that I will only be able to make the minimum payment and downgraded my broadband usage plan from 350/month to less than 200/month. I no longer drink Starbucks as often as I did, and I cooked my own food.

I am not saying that I won't be employed soon (It depends on whether I am brave enough to take another chance, after the whole 'Sucky Job' catastrophe), but, some things have to change.

Looking back, because I was depressed and unhappy, a big chunk of my salary went to impulsive buys. I once went all out and spent RM 1000 plus on clothes in ZARA.

Artificial happiness lasts anywhere between 1 second to about 60 seconds. After that, dragging those gorgeous heels to work was still a chore.

The only few good things about that experience was I now have nice dresses, shoes and lingerie, I know how the Disputes process works and I know that I need to be happy to be productive. If out of 10 months of work, and that was all the positives that you are getting out of a job, it's time for your to leave and move the fuck on.

I used to tell myself that my unhappiness was secondary. I kept on telling myself that, most people are not happy with their job, but they stay at it anyway. Why can't I do the same?

Well, the problem is, I know how a 'happy job' feels like. So when something sucks, it sucked.

My problem is juvenile at best, but on an individual level, it is a major achievement for me to use the balls I don't physically have and make the exit, and I am quite proud of myself that I stayed on until my last day.

I exited--- Properly.

And that alone showed that for a rebel, I am professional in every sense.